Show and Tell Tuesday: Stamp-a-Faire Project #1

One of my favorite things about my old job at the hospital was spending Tuesdays working in the Ambulatory Oncology Center. I made some amazing friends there, and we share a lot in common, especially our crafty hobbies. Since we only saw each other once a week, we had to cram a lot sharing into that one day. Thus began Show and Tell Tuesdays. Aside from the people, those days are what I miss most about that job. We still talk, we’ve even taken cake and cookie decorating classes together, but I still wish I had those Tuesdays to share our fun new things for the week. 

It’s easy to want to share with people you know. It’s a lot more intimidating to share with the rest of the world. I enjoy making all sorts of crafty things, and love giving handmade cards, but there’s still a level of self-consciousness about it that has kept me from starting a blog sooner. Now that I’ve gotten a whole two posts under my belt, here is my first crafty themed post with a card made today, for my first blogged Show and Tell Tuesday!

Papertrey Ink had their annual Stamp-a-Faire this past weekend, and I was only able to follow along online since we were out of town. It was exciting to play in my craft room with the first technique of the day, Starry Night by Amy Sheffer. Her card was beautiful, and I’ve always wanted to try watercolor on a card. 

Amy’s SAF card

 I know it’s a complete copy of her card, but for my first attempt I just wanted to see if I could come close to what it was supposed to like it. With the exception of the star sequins and thread, all of my supplies were the same. I think it turned out pretty well! There are a few spots at the top where the watercolor didn’t quite match, but I’m still satisfied with it. I am excited to try again with other colors, and am looking forward to trying get out the rest of the Stamp-a-Faire techniques!

My attempt at a starry night watercolor card

Definitely a few things I’d do differently on a remake, but I’m excited to have shared my first virtual Show and Tell Tuesday craft project! I’m hoping to make it a regular weekly post, but no promises on that just yet. My goal is to learn more about all of the extra options with blog posts to make them pretty with supply lists and better links. For now I’ll be satisfied with what I can do, with cards and posts!


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